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PEARL is a specialist in Project Management and installation of Scrubber Exhaust Gas Cleaning (EGCS) system. Erection of one or this system is big investment for ship owner in clean and friendlier environment. International Maritime Organisation (IMO) in them directive says, till 2020, sulphur (SOx) content in shipping fuel must be under 0,5%. By 2016 the IMO Tier III, which requires ship to reduce their NOx emissions, enter into force.


We are active in pre-planning survey and precommissioning, means from the very beginning we preparing the best solution about pipe routing, type of pipes, mud- boxes, valves, bellows and other components.

Our part of work is usually complete installation of GRE pipes:

FEED LINE: from sea chest, mud- boxes to pumps and forward through funnel to the scrubber room.

DISCHARGE LINE: from scrubber room back to the funnel and over board.

Off course this is not all, our work contended also many other important things as is water analyser, bellows, SMO penetrations, fixing all system with clamps, madding necessary penetrations, modification existing pipes, install all fittings (PT, TT, PI etc). Our work is finished when we made positive pressure test. (test pressure is 0.8 of Design pressure, in some cases 150% of max pump pressure).


Interferry members win EU aid for scrubber projects

Five members of trade association Interferry are to receive European Union (EU) grants totalling €48 million towards the cost of installing exhaust scrubber systems to meet the stringent 0.1% sulphur emissions limit in force since January 2016.

The awards are among the latest under the multi-annual Motorways of the Seas programme – part of the EU’s Connect Europe Facility (CEF) – and include €18 million for the Grimaldi Group’s Finnlines division, €9m to DFDS, €8m to Stena Line, €7m to Brittany Ferries and €6m to Scandlines.

The European Commission invited bids for the current phase of CEF financial support last September. From an unprecedented 700 applications, 276 projects were recommended to the CEF Committee in June 2015 and confirmed earlier this month – marking a record €13.1 billion round of investment in transport infrastructure.

ABS has published the ABS Guide for SOx Scrubber Ready Vessels to support operators in preparing newbuilds for future outfitting with a SOx exhaust gas cleaning system (EGCS). New class notation recognizes vessels designed with SOx Scrubber ready features to facilitate cost-effective and time-efficient retrofit.

Supporting the world’s first classification notation for SOx Scrubber Ready Vessels, the ABS Guide formalizes the process for clients who wish to plan for retrofit of a SOx scrubber at a future date by providing a detailed review and approval and an associated notation.


The SOx Scrubber Ready notation is in addition to ABS EGCS notations that may be assigned for vessels fitted with an exhaust emission abatement system, including SOx scrubbers, selective catalytic reduction systems and exhaust gas recirculation arrangements for NOx emission control, in accordance with the ABS Guide for Exhaust Emission Abatement.

The Maritime Administration (MARAD) announced the availability of the Fourth Edition of the “Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems Selection Guide”.

This edition provides ship owners and operators the latest information on scrubber technology available to assist the industry in meeting new sulfur emissions standards.