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GR pipes mean Glass fibre reinforced, but depends of resin: can be epoxy, Vinylesther or polyester (GRE, GRVE, GRP).

The Marine environment is, by its nature, highly corrosive. Any dry dock operation is a costly matter for both Ship owners and Operating companies. Glass fibre reinforced pipe systems provide the state of the art solution against corrosion. GR combine the long established benefits of composite materials including, light weight, ease of installation and excellent service lifetime.



Corrosion resistant– both internally and externally.

Low weight/ easy to install– GR pipes have only 25% of steel, pipes are easy to handling without using heavy lifting equipment.

No initial painting and conservation– epoxy Top coat under normal conditions, resistant to the influences of the installation environment and an additional external conservation is initial not required.



Impact resistance– pipe system is more susceptible to impact damage due to the brittle nature or the thermoset resin system.

Handling– it requires more and careful preparation due to other joining methods, handling and transportation requirements and installation techniques.

Flexibility– flexible piping system requires a specific design of supports.


GR pipes are also connected as adhesive joining what eliminate special certificated welders and different technique of welding. Steel pipes has to be replaced two or three times during the average life of a vessel, thereby costing more than two or three times of the original investment. When you calculate also labour, downtime, maintenance and dock costs easily can be more than six times of original investment.


To avoid the build-up of static electricity pipes are available also in conductive version.


Jointing of the system is achieved by adhesive bonding (CS-CB, TS-TB, LS-LB), rubber sealing, lamination, flanges or by using mechanical; O-ring Lock Joint, O-ring Joint and mechanical Coupler.
GRE and GRVE pipes we can use for: SWCS, BWTS, FFL, CL, TCL, JWL, EGCS and many more.


PEARL is a specialist in both retrofit systems and we offer full package service. We made inspection on site, prepare technical solution and off course installation. Installation of BWTS and SWCS requires a presurvey before any installation activities are started. We can offer removing existing pipes and installing new system from GR pipes. All activities are connected with logistic and off course fast installing.