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About us

We're from 1992

Silver Pearl

Our company was established 1992. In all those years we’ve made many different projects.
Since 2007 we have worked strictly in Maritime industry. We offer exhaust gas cleaning system, ballast water treatment system, sea water cooling system and of course complete project management on turnkey philosophy, that is;

  • Project management and 3D scanning
  • Piping arrangement
  • Manufacturing, installation and pressure tests
  • Logistic and service during lifetime and service intervals
  • Electric installations on all fields
  • Fitters, welders and platters

One of our division executing also insulation works in scope of:

  • Thermal, acoustic and fire insulation
  • Insulation with liquid polyurethane
  • Steel cladding with support construction

Our strengths

Providing all those activities means we are a key player on installation concerning environmental solutions for ships and shipbuilding industry. It also means that on this way we can reduce costs, suggest optimal pipe routing and other technical solutions during the installation.

PEARL offers a complete GRE pipe work installation service with high qualified, skilled and motivated workers. GRE division installers are fully certificated, same as welders and pipe fitters. With such a team we can make the most difficult system- it’s no limit for us. For our work we don’t have field requirement, it can be at sea during voyage, alongside or in dry dock or on the other side of the world.